"Destat city Battalgazi making Anatolia homeland"

Arslantepe Mound

The mound, which was the subject of the early ages with its 5000 thousand year history and which is considered as the starting point of today's civilization.

Battalgazi Grand Mosque

The Mosque that have the first and four courtyard with Dome that have Süleyman signature and magnificient chinese Tiles ; carries over 800 years of historical traces.

Ertunan (Poyraz) Mansion

Inhabited lives from the past to today, the Component of conservation of cultural identity, The living building that the past and the future meet at present.

Armourer Mustafa Pasha Kervansarayı

Here you can find the experiences that are the subject of Travelbooks, where the fascinating history of the Han walls, the trade, the science and the ways of history intersect.